Solo Step: Overhead Track & Harness System

Solo-Step is an overhead track and harness system designed to protect patients from falling during the rehabilitation process while giving them the confidence they need to break through their barriers in a safe environment.

Why Our Treatment Works

At Pack Physical Therapy,

Our patients use the Solo-Step Fall Protection and Balance System during gait, balance, or strength training and experience a level of independence they’ve never felt before!

Here are some of the benefits patients experience:

  • Eliminates the fear of falling down
  • Gives patients a boost of confidence
  • Allows patients to challenge themselves with advanced therapies
  • Creates a safe environment for balance, strength, and gait training
  • Builds Confidence
  • 100% safety from any fall-related injuries
Mature woman walking between parallel bars at rehabilitation room
The Solo-Step are used with virtually any type of patient who is at risk of falling or just needs some extra confidence to reach their next milestone.

There are many different types of patients who benefit from using Solo-Step!