GRASTON Technique

A physical therapist who specializes in the Graston Technique, as Brodie Pack has been, is trained in the use of six specific tools that are patented for use with the treatment. The tools are used to move soft tissues throughout the body. Each tool has a specific purpose and works to free the body of any restrictions within the fascia that lead to stiffness, inflammation and chronic pain. In order for a physical therapist to be able to use the patented tools associated with the Graston Technique, they must be trained and complete a licensing program that verifies they understand how each implement is designed to work.

The Graston Technique is used to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, and stiffness that often result from tightness and restrictions that affect the fascia. Restrictions and blockages are often associated with the buildup of scar tissue and damage caused by injuries that weren’t allowed to heal properly. The list of conditions that can benefit from the Graston Technique is extensive.