Preventive Care

Are you listening to your body?‚Äč

One of the most common misconceptions about physical therapy is that you need to have surgery or a significant injury in order to participate. Not so! This could not be further from the truth!

One of our primary missions at Pack Physical Therapy is to promote and practice preventative care.

Many of the musculoskeletal injuries that are treated at our clinic are preventable and present with warning signs (usually in the form of pain or dysfunction) that can be identified by a doctor of physical therapy.

Are you listening to your body?

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort during or after any activity it is likely your body is trying to warn you of impending tissue damage. These may be symptoms you are experiencing at work, during recreational activity or even just daily tasks.

This is the perfect time to be evaluated by a Pack physical therapist who can help you avoid further injury. Often times there is a simple fix. You may need a postural correction, a body mechanics adjustment, a manual therapy applied or a home stretching program.

Are you a runner who is fighting a nagging injury?

Have you been losing your balance and are worried that you may experience an injury due to a fall?

Have you noticed back and neck pain while sitting at your desk at work?

Are you noticing shoulder pain when reaching overhead and putting on your coat?

Twinges in your knees or back when you lift your child?

Our Physical Therapists can help with all of these kinds of concerns with personalized programs that will save you time, money, and PAIN in the long run.

Worried about a physician referral or insurance coverage? Not necessary! Direct Acces gives you access to physical therapy care without a physician referral and is covered by the majority of insurance plans.

Physiotherapist explaining the spine model to patient